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Samantha is experienced and able to take care of your Business and/or Estate Planning needs and  is equipped to provide comprehensive and tailored legal solutions. Clients can rest assured that Samantha's dedication to their business and estate planning needs is safe in the hands of Samantha's knowledge and capabilities. She looks forward to delivering unparalleled legal services and achieving optimal outcomes for her valued clients.

Welcome to Samantha Martin Law! Here you will find what legal services we offer to Clients, to other professionals, and law-firms as a 1099 assistance.  


Samantha Martin Law

White Sheet

"I worked with Samantha on putting together a contract for my coaching business. She was prompt with responding, revising and producing the final agreement and more importantly, she was incredibly attentive to my needs. She offered suggestions to ensure I was protected in all directions and I felt like she actually cared about the integrity of my business. I could not be more pleased with her approach to customer service, her legal knowledge, and the overall experience. Running my business without worrying about potential legal issues is invaluable. Highly recommend!!"

Carissa Johnsen

| Cynthia Dixon |


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For Clients

We offer flat fee services for Estate Planning and Business Law with free consultations. No job is too big or too small, and we love working with Creative Businesses. 

Need consistent work? Let's talk. 

For Professionals

Samantha Martin has assisted as Legal Operations for professionals so their Client's needs are expertly taken care of. This can include research, filing state forms, and more.

 Scales of Justice
For Law Firms

Sometimes it takes a village. Samantha Martin has assisted other attorneys with Real Estate Closings, Estate Planning, and Corporate Law. For when you are busy enough to need help, but not ready to hire. 

About Samantha 

Illinois Bar, 2018
Northern District of Illinois, 2021

CERTIFICATE: IL Notary 12/2022-12/2026

Samantha Martin is a seasoned attorney with over five years of experience, balancing a thriving solo practice with collaborative projects, and running a the nonprofit The FEMISH Organization. As a devoted mother of three, she bring a unique perspective to every case. 


As an attorney, Samantha Martin brings a unique blend of dedication, education, and worldly experience to every case. She pursued her legal education at DePaul Law School, balancing the demands of academia with a demanding corporate career, working 30 hours a week. This dual commitment honed her time management and multitasking skills, setting a strong foundation for her legal practice.

One of the most enriching experiences during her academic journey was Samantha's study abroad program in Sorrento, Italy. This opportunity not only expanded her legal knowledge in an international context but also exposed her to diverse perspectives and legal systems. It was a transformative experience that continues to inform her approach to the law.

Prior to law school, Samantha earned her B.S. from Eastern IL University, majoring in Family and Consumer Sciences, with minors in Pre-Law and Business Administration. Her academic achievements were recognized with consecutive placements on the Dean's list, and she was honored to receive a pre-law scholarship. During this time, she was an active member of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and Phi Sigma Phi honors sorority, fostering a sense of community and leadership.

In addition to her studies at Eastern IL University, Samantha had the privilege of studying abroad in London, the start of broadening her cultural horizons. This experience reinforced her belief in the importance of global perspectives and cross-cultural understanding in today's interconnected world.

With a comprehensive background in Family and Consumer Sciences, Pre-Law, and Business Administration, Samantha approaches legal matters with a holistic understanding of the complexities that individuals and families face. Her commitment to excellence, combined with a genuine passion for the law, drives her to provide the highest level of advocacy and support for her clients.

Samantha looks forward to applying her diverse skill set and legal knowledge to guide clients through their legal challenges and help them achieve the best possible outcomes. This woman-run, mom-owned business is a testament to the strength and compassion she brings to the legal field. Choose Samantha Martin Law for dedicated, empathetic representation with a proven track record of success.

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