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Name Guardians of your children and allocate your assets.

If you have minor children and/or own real estate, then Estate Planning is really a necessity. Contact me for a free consultation to talk about your options and how we can personalize a plan for your family.

Samantha Martin Law offers both Will and Trust packages in addition to Power of Attorney for Property and Healthcare, Living Wills, Healthcare Directives, and Pet Trusts. 

In addition to the usual Estate Planning Packages, I also offer two packages customized for families with young children.

  • The Guardian Package focuses on what your children and nominated Guardian would need. In addition to a Will, this package includes a "Guidance" section so that you can express what values, religion, ideas, that you would like a Guardian to use while raising your children. This package also includes personalized journals that you can use to write to your children in. In the event that something happens and you are not here to raise your children, this journal will be a way to speak to them yourself even after you are gone. And if Guardians never have to step in, it also creates a great gift to give them once the are an older age.  

  • Comfort Docs for Caregivers is a package I created for parents who do not have an estate plan in place but are going somewhere (vacation, business trip) and leaving their children with someone other than a parent. This package includes: +temporary custody (only used in the event that something happened to the parent), +Medical Consent to Treat (in case the caregiver needs to bring your child to the doctor, and lists pediatrician info, allergies, and medications), +an Asset Inventory, +parent's travel itinerary, and a +notes section. Give this binder to your caregiver so that he or she has everything covered and in one place.

  • Emergency Contact Kit is a package designed to close a loophole in our system. This package includes letters to the people of your choice to take temporary custody of your minor children in the event of an emergency. This avoids your children going to a family member you don't trust, or to police or Child Protective Services while they try to contact someone to care for them. This package also includes an Emergency Contact List card to give to a nanny or babysitter so that there is no question who should be called in the event of an emergency. This package is helpful to every parent of minor children, even if you have a Will in place. 

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